Bulletin 2

Helsinki O-Games 2023

Preliminary competition instructions

The competition follows the SSL competition rules, the IOF WRE rules for WRE classes and the competition instructions given by the organizers.

Terrain description 

The competition area is divided into three parts. The northern part of the terrain is a fast-paced and in places detailed open rocky terrain, with good visibility for the most part. The central part of the terrain is a more varied forest, with fast hilltops, detailed hills and denser spruce stands. The pace is slowed by fallen trees and a few steeper slopes. The south-western part of the terrain is more impacted by the forest industry, and a power line and a few forest roads cut through it.

In general, the terrain is moderately elevated, with individual hills rising to heights of 20-50 m above their surroundings. The gray color on the competition map follows a style typical to the Nuuksio region, i.e. the areas marked as “bare rock” on the map may often be covered with lichen. The previous maps of the area are from 2007 (Kerlampi) and 2015 (Katinhäntä-Paratiisi).

Course planner’s notes

Classes from Start 1

There are two very different races for the Start 1 classes on Saturday and Sunday. One race is longer, the other shorter. One race (middle) emphasizes taking the controls smoothly, while the other is mostly about route choices. One race is mainly very fast, the other more intermediate. Competitors must be prepared to change their way of orienteering from Saturday to Sunday if they want to fight for the top positions.

Saturday starts 2-3

The middle distance race features precise points in terrain where limited visibility presents its own challenge. The terrain still allows for fast progress, but in the more detailed areas, using the brakes may make sense. On longer courses, the most challenging sections and steepest climbs are towards the end of the course. Although there are relatively few trails in the area, there are other clear targets for the youngest orienteers to support their work.

Sunday starts 2-3

On the long-distance courses, you can enjoy the thrill of speed on fine open rocky slopes with longer legs that end with precise control picking. Naturally there are also shorter legs, and towards the end some areas with compromised visibility. The children’s courses are mainly in the same area as on Saturday.

Travel directions and parking

Parking is in the parking area of ​​the Salmi outdoor area, Salmentie 75, Otalampi. The distance from the parking area to the arena is 0,5 – 1 km along a road. The arena can also be reached by bike.

The parking fee is 5 euros / car in total for both days. The fee for one day is the same 5 euros. Payment is made to the competition info in the arena, primarily by MobilePay (number 52521) or card payment. Remember to pay before you leave.

Arena, info and first aid

The arena opens on Saturday June 10th at 9:00 and on Sunday June 11th at 8:00. The route to the arena is marked with blue and white HS ribbons. The arena is located in a meadow. In the arena you can find the finish, competition info, first aid, toilets, Suunnistajan Kauppa shop for O-gear, and a café. 

The café serves coffee, tea, refreshments, sandwiches, buns, candy and a barbecue with sausages, including a vegetarian option. Lactose-free and gluten-free options are also available in the café.

Also near the parking area is the Salmi outdoor café, Pohjoinen pirtti, which is open on Saturday and Sunday from 11-17. 

There are no changing and showering facilities, and no child care. There is a swimming area near the Salmi parking area. 

A first aid point is located at the arena near the finish line.

Emit rental cards and Emit changes

Emit rental cards can be picked up from the competition info by competitors name. The price of the rental card is 5 euros. Payment by debit card or MobilePay 52521 (show payment to the clerk) or by cash (no change). A fee of €90 will be charged for an unreturned rental Emit card.

Any changes to the Emit card numbers after registration must be sent by e-mail to timo.kokko@kokkens.fi by Friday June 9th at 12:00. Any changes after this date will be made on the day of the competition via competition info in the arena, fee €3.

Emit card check

Check the functionality of your Emit card in the emit card check (0 punch) near the competition info. Using an inoperative Emit card will result in disqualification. An inactive card can be replaced with a rental card in the competition info. 

Race bibs and Emit backup patches

Race bibs will be available at the arena, except for the JWOC/EYOC selection race classes H20E, D20E, H18E, D18E, H16E and D16E, whose bibs will be available at the quarantine. Take your own safety pins. Emit backup patches are available at the starts.

The selection race classes (H20E, D20E, H18E, D18E, H16E and D16E) will have bibs with orange background on Saturday and yellow background on Sunday. The selection race classes will therefore have new bibs on Sunday. 

M21E and W21E will have bibs with yellow backgrounds. All other classes will have white bibs. These classes will have the same bibs on both days.

Map and control descriptions

Scale 1:10 000, except for H/D50 and older and H/D12 and under scale 1:7 500. On Sunday, for the selection race classes, the scale is 1:15 000. Contour interval 5 meters. Map size is A4 on Saturday, and A4 or A3 on Sunday. Map is updated 5/2023 by Kimmo Nykänen and printed by Mapline. The map is in a plastic cover. 

Separate control descriptions are available at the pre-start. The control descriptions are also printed on the maps.

Classes, course lengths and starts

ClassStartLength SatLength SunClassStartLength SatLength Sun

Distances to starts

The routes to the starts are marked by ribbons, and run mainly along roads and paths. Check the color of the ribbons from the info pole on each day. Note that it is not allowed to deviate from the marked route.


  • Start 1 – 1900 m
  • Start 2 – 1800 m
  • Start 3 – 1100 m
  • Motion orienteering – 800 m

On Saturday, the route to start 2 is partly on slow terrain. Remember to allow enough time to get to the start! 


  • Start 1 – 1000 m
  • Start 2 – 1900 m
  • Start 3 – 400 m
  • Motion orienteering – 600 m

Start times, start lists and reservation of start times

  • First start on Saturday June 10th at 11:00 and on Sunday June 11th at 10:00.
  • For WRE classes, start times are based on the IOF World Ranking.
  • In case over 60 entries are received to a WRE class, the organizer will split the runners into two (or more) ranked WRE classes, with best athletes in the top ranked class. 50 athletes are selected based on IOF World Ranking, and 10 more will be selected as wild cards.
  • The starting lists for the JWOC/EYOC selection race classes will be drawn up according to the guidelines of the Finnish Orienteering Federation, see link, section “4. Nuorten näyttökilpailut”
  • Reservation of starting times (except WRE and selection race classes) is possible on Wednesday June 7th between 12-24.
  • A link to book start times will be available on the lähtöajat page on Wednesday June 7th at 11:00. The remaining start times will be drawn.
  • The starting lists will be published on Thursday June 8th at 11:00, at Lähtöajat ja tulokset
  • Start lists can also be seen at the arena and at the starts.

Quarantine zone

In M/W21E there is no quarantine zone on either day.

In the selection race classes H/D20E, H/D18E and H/D16E there will be a quarantine zone on both days.

After entering the quarantine, the competitor may not leave the quarantine zone except through the start procedure. It is forbidden to bring mobile phones and any other devices with internet access to the quarantine area!

Note! Finnish Competition Rules 11.312: A competitor who is late for the quarantine will not be allowed to take part in the competition.

Saturday’s quarantine is 1500 meters from the arena and must be entered by 11:15 AM. Distance from the quarantine to the start is about 400 meters and you may leave towards the start no earlier than 15 minutes before your start time.

Sunday’s quarantine is 800 meters from the arena and must be entered by 10:00 AM. Distance from the quarantine to the start is about 200 meters and you may leave towards the start no earlier than 10 minutes before your start time.

Equipment transport

On both days, there will be a shuttle service for clothes/equipment from the quarantine zone to the arena. You can leave your bag at the quarantine to a designated place. Note! Please bring your own weatherproof bag for your equipment. Equipment can be collected from the arena.

Start procedures

Start 1 and 2 and masters classes at start 3

  • 4 minutes before start time: The competitor is called to the starting box. Control descriptions are available.
  • 3 minutes: The competitor resets their Emit card.
  • 2 minutes: A map of the competition area is displayed.
  • 1 minute: The competitor moves next to the map bucket labeled with their class.
  • At the start: The competitor takes the map from the bucket after receiving the start signal. The maps are in plastic covers. The competitor is responsible for taking the correct map.

There is a marked route to the start point from the start, except for start 3, where the start point is at the start.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is used on Saturday for classes M/W21E, H/D20E and H/D18E, and on Sunday for H/D16E, H/D18E and H/D20E. The list of athletes selected for GPS tracking will be published on the competition website no later than the day before the competition.

GPS vests will be provided by the organizers, but it is advisable to use your own if you happen to own one. GPS devices and vests will be distributed and installed at the GPS point, which is located at the exit gate of the quarantine zone. The route to start 1 on Saturday will pass through this point.

Competitors own GPS devices

IOF Competition Rule 21.4 allows the use of GPS devices if
1. they have no map display
2. they have no communication capability other than receiving GPS data
3. they are not used for navigation purposes.

Forbidden areas

Any areas marked with the “olive green” as well as areas marked with the purple crosshatch are forbidden to enter. Some areas are marked in the terrain with yellow/red tape.

Drinking points

There are no drinking points in Saturday’s race. On Sunday, there will be a drinking control on the courses from the start 1 (except D16E), which will be marked on the control descriptions. This is located approximately halfway along the course. On the start 2 courses there is a drinking point in the terrain, which is marked on the maps. Water will be available at the drinking points. 

Finish and results

The finish is located in the arena. There is a marked route to the finish line from the last control. Competitor’s time stops at the finish punch. A missing finish punch will result in disqualification. Those who have quit the race must register at the finish. The finish will be closed when the last competitor reaches the finish line or no later than Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday at 4 pm.

The results are given by the combined results of the two days, except for classes M/W21E. Prizes for the WRE competition will be awarded on Saturday. On Sunday, the M21E and W21E results and prizes will be given separately. Results and split times are published here

There are no result boards in the arena.


Any complaint must be made in writing to the Info as soon as possible. The time limit for complaints is 16.15


Four (4) Lumonite Compass-R headlamps will be drawn among all participants. A prize will be awarded to the overall winner of each class (except the M/W21E classes), and one or more prizes will be drawn for each class. No prizes will be mailed. The winners of the draws will be announced on the helsinkiogames.fi web page on June 10th. The prizes can be collected from the competition info on Sunday.

The top three finishers in the M/W classes of Saturday’s WRE competition will receive prizes. Garmin watches for the winners – €80 gift vouchers for second place and €50 for third. Separate prizes will be awarded to the best finishers in Sunday’s M21E and W21E.

All runners in classes H/D12 and under will receive a small prize when they finish on the second day.

Open orienteering

The participation fee 17 euros /day for the open motion orienteering is to be paid in advance at the information desk or at rastilippu.fi. All runners must register at the information desk before moving on to the starting point.

The start and finish of the open orienteering is in the same place. The start and finish are at the same place about 800 m from the arena on Saturday and 600 m from the arena on Sunday. Start on Saturday 12-14 on Sunday 11-13.

Open orienteering has a different last control and finish than racing classes. The finish is located in the vicinity of the arena, on Saturday approx. 400 m from the arena, on Sunday approx. 100 m from the arena. Thus, the open orienteering runner should check that he goes to the right last control and runs to the correct finish.

Saturday’s courses: 3 km, 5 km and 7 km,
Sunday’s courses: 3 km, 5 km and 7 km
Different courses on both days.

Information about the open orienteering (in Finnish): link


Jani Riissanen, EsAk (chair of the jury in non-WRE race)
Sanna Tervakangas, EsSu
Kasperi Launis, Raisu

Competition management

  • Director of the competition: Pekka Väisänen, 0400 490 837, pekka.vaisanen@helsinginsuunnistajat.fi
  • Event Adviser: Johan Uusimäki, IOF
  • National controller: Tommy Selin, EsAk 
  • Course setters: Atte Lahtinen (WRE), Hannu Lammi and Toni Pikkarainen
  • Spokesperson: Anu Pikkarainen, 045 657 9455, anu.pikkarainen@helsinginsuunnistajat.fi and Marika Mattila, marika.mattila@helsinginsuunnistajat.fi
  • Starts: Aimo Kangas
  • Result service: Timo Kokko
  • Announcers: Pekka Nikulainen 

WRE contact person: Pauliina Lankinen pauliina.lankinen@helsinginsuunnistajat.fi,
p.+358 505059194

We warmly welcome you to Helsinki O-Games 2023!